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Business Networking Group Dunedin, New Zealand

The Informal Networking Group – Dunedin

At The ING we want to keep things just about you and your business.  We’re just starting up our Dunedin based group and are looking for other businesses to join us.

We’re here to support Dunedin businesses, large or small. So if you’re interested in joining the newest and chillest business networking group in Dunedin please contact us via the form below.

business networking group dunedin

The ING - Dunedin, NZ

We’re currently only based in Dunedin, but as things progress we’ll have groups all over New Zealand

Interested in Joining Us?

We’re always looking for new members, so if you’re interested in joining our group please feel free to fill in the form and we’ll be in touch.


Who Are We?

The Informal Business Networking Group is a vibrant and unique assembly of professionals, distinguished by its laid-back yet effective approach to business networking.

Straying from the conventional, high-pressure networking models, this group prides itself on fostering connections in a relaxed and pressure-free environment.

Members of The Informal Business Networking Group enjoy the freedom of networking without mandatory commitments, requests, or bureaucratic hoops.

The group’s ethos is rooted in the belief that genuine, lasting business relationships can be cultivated through a more casual and authentic interaction.

This refreshing perspective not only makes networking enjoyable but also encourages diverse and meaningful collaborations among its members.

Managed by Stu from Tylark Media

The Benefits of Business Networking in Dunedin New Zealand

Business networking is a vital strategy for professionals and entrepreneurs aiming to grow their businesses, enhance their knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals.

At its core, business networking fosters the development of supportive relationships that can lead to numerous benefits, including the expansion of business opportunities, the exchange of valuable information, and the cultivation of long-lasting partnerships.

More Opportunities

One of the primary benefits of business networking is the opportunity it provides for new business. Through networking, individuals can discover and create new opportunities for partnerships, joint ventures, or new client acquisition. This exposure is crucial for business growth and sustainability, as it opens doors that might otherwise remain closed.

Sharing Knowledge

Networking also plays a significant role in knowledge sharing. Interacting with peers and industry leaders allows individuals to gain insights into industry trends, best practices, and innovative strategies that can improve their operations. This exchange of information is invaluable for staying competitive and adapting to the ever-changing business landscape.

Improve Your Reputation

Furthermore, business networking can significantly enhance one’s reputation and authority within their industry. By actively engaging in networking activities, individuals can establish themselves as knowledgeable and reliable professionals. This recognition is essential for building trust with potential clients and partners, thereby facilitating smoother business dealings.

Support System

Another advantage is the support system that networking builds. Business can be challenging, and having a network of supportive peers who offer advice, mentorship, and encouragement can make a substantial difference. This support can lead to increased confidence and resilience, which are crucial for navigating the ups and downs of business.


Lastly, networking can lead to personal and professional growth. Engaging with a diverse group of professionals exposes individuals to different perspectives and ideas, stimulating creativity and innovation. It also fosters personal development by improving communication and social skills, making one a more effective and persuasive business leader.

Dunedin Business Networking Group

Start building your professional network today and help grow your business and the community around you.

Business networking is more than just a tactic for immediate business gains; it’s a strategic investment in one’s professional growth and the long-term success of their business. The relationships built through networking can provide a wealth of opportunities, knowledge, support, and personal development, making it an indispensable tool for any business professional.

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